How is a plant-based diet better for me?
Our main focus is sustainability and taste. Our food has lower trans-fat, no cholesterol, no hormones/genetically-modified organisms (GMOs), yet are full of flavor with every bite.  
Is everything totally plant-based? Does your food contain dairy / eggs?
Yes, everything we serve is made with 100% whole plant-based ingredients, they contain NO dairy, honey, or eggs. All of our products (from burgers, to sliders, drinks, and each and every ingredient) are free of any animal content.
What is meatless stuff made of?
The Sexy Seitan, Beanoa, and Chickpea burgers are all made from 100% plant-based ingredients. The Shroom’n does contain tempeh and our bestseller All-American burger is made from pea protein isolate.
What is pea protein isolate?
Pea protein isolate is a healthy meat alternative derived from yellow split peas. Compared to pea protein concentrate, it is denser in protein and a great source of fiber.
Is your cheese selection 100% vegan?
Yes, our cheese contains no milk or dairy products. Most vegan cheeses are made from nuts, such as cashews or almonds, but there are many varieties made from seeds such as sunflowers, soy beans or tofu, and others made from oats.
Are your burger buns vegan?
Yes, our buns are 100% vegan and kosher certified.
Are your burgers made from impossible or beyond meat?

No, we do not use any processed vegan meat alternatives for our burgers.

Do your milkshakes contain any dairy products?
No, our shakes contain no dairy or animal products.
Are the proteins you use vegan?
Yes, 100% plant-based cooked with modern culinary techniques to have a unique, juicy, firm, and meaty texture.
Do you have soy-free options?
For now we do not have soy-free buns, but we are working on bringing the best soy-free bread.  We do have soy free burger patties (Beanoa, Chickpea, and All American). We also have lettuce buns by request.
Do you have gluten-free options?
Yes, 3 of our burgers are gluten free (Shroom’n, Beanoa and Chickpea). It is important that you let us know of any gluten-free restrictions you or anyone in your party may have.
What kind of oil is used?
We only use canola oil.
I have a nut allergy, do you have nut free options?
Yes we do have nut-free options and do everything we can to accommodate for allergies, however there is no promise of zero cross-contamination as ingredients that you may be allergic too are used in the same space.
Do your teas contain caffeine?
No but they do have added sugar
Do you have a delivery service?
Yes you can order direct from our website, and we are also partnered with Grub Hub, Uber Eats and all other delivery services.
What is berry rice?
It is a Thai rice that is a mix between white and black jasmine rice.
What is butterfly tea?
It is a common ingredient in most herbal teas. Benefits are: antioxidants, assists with weight loss, betters blood sugar control, and helps with skin and hair health.
Do the vduck, vbeef, and vchicken contain soy?
They do contain soy. We have a mushroom option if you follow a soy-free diet.
What are polenta garlic sticks?

Polenta garlic tastes very similar to corn as it is made from cornmeal.

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